How to choose a cake mold?

Source:WUYI JIABEI INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO.,LTD.Release time:0023-08-29

There are many kinds of cake molds, and the common materials are aluminum alloy, silicone, steel, iron and so on. Here Ximi suggests you to choose the aluminum alloy material. Within the aluminum alloy material is divided into hard mold, anode, cathode and no coating.

If you want to make chiffon cake, you must choose anode cake mold. The non-stick effect of hard mold is not conducive to chiffon molding. But some cakes with hard mold non-stick effect will be better, so it is recommended that you match both.

In addition to add a point, if you do cupcake type cupcakes can choose disposable cupcake tray, do not recommend using silicone cups. Because plastic products at high temperatures will generate harmful substances.

About the size of the cake mold, if the family population is small, you can choose 6-inch. If you want to make a bigger one, you can also choose 8 inches, this varies from person to person!

On the choice of live bottom and solid bottom, although the use of live bottom is a bit higher, it is recommended that we have both better, because the "water bath baking method" must be used to solid bottom mold.